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Our approach is to work closely with our clients to understand their wellness objectives and create a wellness strategy and programme to deliver on these objectives and improve the wellbeing of employees.

The four key features of our approach are:

Wellness partner
● Build on our experience and established relationships as Ireland’s leading Occupational Health provider

Single full service provider
● We are full service provider having partnered with best in class wellbeing providers, both in Ireland and internationally, to offer solutions spanning all areas of wellness

Customised solutions
● Develop bespoke solutions that are multi-faceted tailored to meet our clients’ requirements

Focus on effectiveness and value for money
● Evidence and research based solutions that deliver engagement and behaviour change in a cost-effective manner

We consider factors specific to your organisation such as culture, budget constraints, staff location, etc. and develop bespoke solutions that are tailored to each organisation – one size fits all does not work when it comes to wellness. For those organisations with established programmes we work to enhance and improve the programme with a focus on maximising engagement to deliver behaviour change. For example, reviewing your experience to date, using the latest wellbeing research and assessing new solutions coming to market to complement existing services.

We offer the best in class solutions that we stand over and which are appropriate to your individual requirements. These solutions encompass both online / digital options as well as face to face initiatives such as workshops, classes, etc. We are then available to work as your wellness partner helping you to deliver effective solutions, measure results and adjust and refine your wellness programme over time.

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