Medmark Wellness Assessment & Measurement

There are a range of wellness assessment options available that provide the employee with an overview of their health and wellness but also allow organisations to measure employee wellness by anonymously aggregating data from employees on their current state of wellness and the wellness areas that are priorities for them. Below are details of the traditional health screening that is available as well as on-line assessment tools.

● Health screen / executive medicals

Health screens benchmark current health and identify early disease indicators. They also provide a means of advising staff on how to modify risk factors in particular through lifestyle changes and fitness plans.

Medmark provide a range of health screens. The basic screen takes 15 / 20 minutes and measures BMI, blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol and then provides recommendations for action and information on lifestyle changes, diet and exercise. In addition to the basic screen we also offer a silver (30 minutes), gold (45 minutes) and platinum (90 minutes) screens. Full details of these health screens are available here »

● On-line assessment tools

There are a range of on-line tools that provide staff with individual wellness assessments and reports. This allows staff to get an overview of their wellness and to identify which area of wellness they need to focus on. Many of the tools will signpost staff to wellness supports and resources available to them, both internally and externally, to assist and encourage them to take action.

All the assessment tools provide the organisation with aggregated anonymous data can then be used in conjunction with other information, such as absence data, employee surveys, utilisation of existing wellness services, etc., to develop / refine your wellness strategy and programme.

The options in terms of assessment tools range from comprehensive to light touch and can cover all employees or just a sample group or department. Medmark are familiar with the many on-line assessment options available in the market and can advise organisations as to the most suitable option for them.

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