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What is employee wellness?

There is no one definition of employee wellness but we like the following… employee wellness is a programme designed to support employees as they adapt and sustain behaviours that reduce health risks, improve quality of life and enhance personal effectiveness. If your employees can achieve this, it will benefit your organisation!

How will your organisation benefit?

There is now strong and growing evidence from a variety of researchers and other reliable sources that employee wellness programmes…

● Enhance retention
● Increase productivity
● Improve morale
● Reduce absenteeism

This is why more than 70% of US employers have wellness programmes and they are becoming more and more common outside the US. Their increasing popularity is evidenced by the fact that there is now accreditation available for Irish wellness programmes.

Why choose Medmark Wellness?

We think of ourselves as your wellness partner who will be there with you on your wellness journey. We develop customised solutions that are based on evidence and research. We have a full service offering but are flexible so can provide whatever level of support you need in whatever area of wellness you require it.

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