Medmark Wellness platform selection

Digital wellbeing platforms aim to empower, motivate and educate employees to improve their health and wellbeing whilst providing anonymous underlying data to help the employer identify and drive their wellbeing strategy going forward.

For the majority of organisations a digital health and wellness platform will be at the centre of their wellness programme. It acts as a portal for health and wellness materials and activities incorporating all health promotion activities, workshops and resources. It also allows on-going measurement of wellbeing and engagement levels to track overall progress and build the business case for future funding.

Standard features within portals include wellness assessment, interactive website, mobile app, health and wellness tracking and tools, setting goals, tracking progress, personalised programmes, multimedia resources and signposts to other resources.

There are a variety of different platforms available using a range of methods and techniques to drive employee engagement each with different functionality, levels of customisation, etc. These platforms also cover a broad price range and different pricing models. Medmark are familiar with the range of options available in this area as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each, allowing us to help our clients to identify and select the right platform for their needs and budget.

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